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Yours is the basic 2.4 °K fluorescence of the universe.

Slap my ass and call me flouy! ;)

g’night beloved


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fluorescent ladyeArt-wiki-hive - love-letter-wiki - fluorescent lady fluorescent-lady-feed [en]+[xx]-

probably from Africa

It’s night time. My window is open. I hear geese screeching as they fly by in the darkness probably returning from Africa?

good night fairy flou



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about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Testing reworked page header. No changes.


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The idea behind the love-letter-wiki is to provide a wiki-net enabled wiki to write and publish love letters or to publish previously written love letters. See the page eArt-wiki-hive - love-letter-wiki - all love letters all love letters, please.


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fluorescent lady fluorescent lady

mass by speed of light or so

One of the nights in the pic clops. Half an hour before the American keeper yelled out Levez vous, mesdames-messieurs, lever vous! You should have been around back then. Time is relative.


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face face

a love letter whom to?

There has been some nice technical progress - the soup soup updates reliably now and doesn’t contain duplicates anymore - but there have been only few new love letters on the page all love letters all love letters recently. Probably the love-letter-wiki itself is a love letter? If so whom to?